Re writing my story

So it's been a busy year with what I can truly say has been the start of me re writing my life. Around this time last year I was feeling quite low and not overly content with life. For some reason I had to go for a run, I wasn't really sure why as I have never overly liked running. Anyway I went for that run/jog and found myself actually enjoying it. I also didn't feel too unfit. I guess having started British Military Fitness had helped with this. I found that not only did I enjoy being outside in the fresh air, I actually felt better in my general mood. I didn't know this would be the start of an exciting new journey and future career. I continued to run 5k regularly weekly and found that by using a running app I could see that I was actually improving and improving quicker than I would ever had expected. It also helped that one of my best friends was also running regularly. I ended up taking part in my first organised 10K race with her and was quite impressed with my time of around 55 minutes. Straight afterwards I said never again! But then give it a few days and I was up for my next challenge. I completed a charity 10K in Regents Park in 31 degree heat and I can honestly say that was difficult, certainly not a day for a PB and it wasn't. But I completed it and raised money for a very deserving charity helping children with eye cancer. And it didn't stop there I completed a 10K obstacle race (OCR) which included swimming through 2 extremely cold lakes. To say I was out of my comfort zone was the understatement of the century as I don't even swim in pools on holiday if they are not warm enough. I really surprised myself and by now had really caught the bug. I had a half marathon in another 2 weeks time and my training was very behind to say the least. It is also important to add that at this stage I had qualified as a fitness instructor and was studying for my Personal Training qualification. I had also become a BMF instructor earlier in the year, another thing I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams. Through this I met a great bunch of like minded people that I completed the OCR with. So it comes to the Royal Parks Half marathon day and I was full of nerves. The most I had ever run was 10k and had been having awful back and shoulder ache as well as the dreaded shin splints. But with some wonderful physio the worst of that was behind me. So with the thought of running 21k I wasn't feeling overly confident that I would even finish it but knew I must try my best particularly with all the wonderful people that sponsored me. The preceding week had been beautifully warm so of course race day was the wettest conditions the Royal Parks had ever seen. So the race started and for the first 10k I felt good apart from a twinge to the outside of my left knee which did concern me. But I carried on feeling emotional with all the people running for loved ones and various charities. Towards the end of the race my legs felt unbelievably heavy and tired and just didn't think I could finish. Up until very near the end I had managed to stay in front of the 2 hour pacer and when I got behind that I felt quite dismayed but carried on as I didn't want to give up. I told myself that my legs were being lifted by strings just like a marionette. I was prepared to use any self hypnosis I could and this just came to mind. I also kept thinking of my mum's face hopefully near the finish line! That last 800 meters and then 400 meters felt like time was slowing but I pushed on until I got over that finish line and could barely walk. I couldn't bend my left knee and was in a lot of discomfort. Again I told myself never again...yet a few days on i'm already thinking, "what's the next challenge.....?"

As a side note - at school I was terrible at most sports. I was given a tennis racket when I couldn't hit the ball in rounders with the normal rounder's bat. Humiliating? A little bit. Put me off sport? Yes for a while but one thing I learnt was don't let the past dictate the future. If you want to achieve something, the only person usually getting in the way is yourself.

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