Cognitive hypnotherapy


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If you can think of an object however innocent it may seem, I can guarantee you that someone somewhere will have a phobia of it. For example I often wondered why there are people scared of buttons or clowns (well okay maybe not clowns). But you see this is usually down to an element of our unconscious mind which needs updating.

All of us at some point get 'stuck' in bad habits. beliefs and patterns of behaviour which are limiting our potential in some way but feel unable to change. Whilst these behaviours may seem negative or disruptive they are actually behaviours that are perpetuated by the unconscious which thinks it is protecting us!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy believes that every behaviour has a positive intention. One of the roles of the unconscious is to recognise patterns in behaviour which by this recognition then seeks to protect us from situations that appear to be similar from unpleasant experiences in the past.

When this happens the unconscious effectively hijacks us and puts us in a trance, often resulting in the instinctive Fight, Flight or Freeze response which can be disproportionate to the event itself. Whilst these instincts were necessary in Caveman times for survival, these instincts have not been updated to reflect modern living. Unfortunately the unconscious is not good at determining what is a useful habit and what is not.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you by using a light relaxed form of trance. Trance is something we all do naturally on a daily basis whether it be daydreaming, driving the car in auto pilot, or over indulging without consciously realising until after - the point is that this is something we do automatically and it is instinctive.

Bad habits, beliefs and patterns of behaviour are also believed to be a trance state and the process of Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses tools to assist you in adjusting and improving what you would like to change.

Hypnotherapist East Grinstead, Stop Smoking with Hypnosis, Hypnotherapist Sussex